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Programme Officiel du Tour de France

(Offical Guide to the Tour de France)

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With more than a century of history, the Tour de France is considered to be the best of the best of the world's three major bicycle races. In order to enhance public awareness of the Tour de France among the people of Taiwan and China, and to encourage interest in bicycle racing, Tour de France organizers have authorized Wheel Giant to publish the world's first and only Official Chinese Guide to the Tour de France. This lavishly-illustrated publication contains extensive information and penetrating analysis, and it has become the bible for Chinese-speaking fans of the Tour worldwide. Content includes the route and details of each stage, analysis of difficulty, comparison of the strengths of the competing teams, team strategies, and analysis of yellow jersey winners.

First published 2011
Language Chinese (traditional)
Publication frequency annual, published in June
Circulation 20,000
Distribution channels Kingstone, Hess, Eslite, Senseio, Dunhuang, Dianjiaoshi, and other regional bookstores Taiwan-wide; 7-11, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, and OK convenience stores; Taiwan-wide bike shops and outdoors equipment stores; RT-Mart and Carrefour stores; Berkeley Online Bookstore; Kingstone Online Bookstore; UDN Joint Online e-Books Center; Chengbang Reading Garden; and i-Phone, i-Pad e-magazine version