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International Cycle Show Information
Asia Bike Trade Show
Country: China
Location: Nanjing
Exhibition Area:  36,000 square meters
Country: Australia
Location: Melbourne
Beijing Bike Week
Country: China
Location: Beijing
Bike Brno - International Bicycle Trade Show
Country: Czech Republic
Location: Brno
Exhibition Area:  11,598 square meters
Nations & regions of exhibitors:  15
Bike Expo
Country: Poland
Location: Kielce
Exhibition Area:  5 halls
Nations & regions of exhibitors:  10
Bike Expo Brasil
Country: Brazil
Location: San Paul
Bike Motion
Country: Netherlands
Location: Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Brasil Cycle Fair
Country: Brazil
Location: San Paul
China North International Cycle Show
Country: China
Location: Tianjin
Frequency:  Annual
Exhibition Area:  1,600 square meters
Cycle Mode
Country: Japan
Location: Tokyo
Exhibition Area:  27,000 square meters
Number of booths:  712
Nations & regions of exhibitors:  10
Number of Taiwanese Exhibitors:  5 exhibitors
Country: Germany
Location: Friedrichshafen
Exhibition Area:  100,000 square meters
Number of booths:  1,200
Nations & regions of exhibitors:  54
Number of Taiwanese Exhibitors:  230
Country: Italy
Location: Padua
Exhibition Area:  20,000 square meters
Number of booths:  350
Nations & regions of exhibitors:  21
Country: Netherlands
Location: Amsterdam
Country: Indonesia
Location: Jakarta
Nations & regions of exhibitors:  Germany, Taiwan, China, Italy, USA, Singapore
Country: Indonesia
Location: Jakarta
India International Cycle Expo
Country: India
Location: Ludhiana
Exhibition Area:  231870 square feet
Number of booths:  260
Nations & regions of exhibitors:  China, Taiwan, Germany, Sri Lanka, Indonesia etc.
Country: USA
Location: Las Vegas (Mandalay Bay)
Frequency:  Annual
Exhibition Area:  325,096 square feet
Number of booths:  3,250
Nations & regions of exhibitors:  28 countries & regions
Number of Taiwanese Exhibitors:  81
Country: Germany
Location: Cologne
Country: Germany
Location: Munich
Exhibition Area:  3 halls
Nations & regions of exhibitors:  25
Jiangsu China International Bicycle, Electric Vehicle & Parts Fair
Country: China
Location: Nanjing
Paris Cycle Show
Country: France
Location: Paris
Frequency:  Every two years
Number of booths:  176
Seoul Bike Show
Country: South Korea
Location: Seoul
Shenzhen International Bicycle Festival
Country: China
Location: Shenzhen
Taichung Bike Week
Country: Taiwan
Location: Taichung
Taipei International Cycle Show
Country: Taiwan
Location: Taipei
Frequency:  Annual
Exhibition Area:  20,000 square meters
The China International Bicycle Fair
Country: China
Location: Shanghai
Exhibition Area:  120,000 square meters
Nations & regions of exhibitors:  Japan, India, Germany, Holland, Italy, France, South Korea, UK, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
Velo Bike
Country: Ukraine
Location: Kyiv
Exhibition Area:  2,600 square meters
Velo Park
Country: Russia
Location: Moscow
Exhibition Area:  6,000 square meters
Number of booths:  96
Nations & regions of exhibitors:  Russia, Germany, Finland, Holland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Georgia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, China, India and Taiwan.
Number of Taiwanese Exhibitors:  3 exhibitors from Taiwan and 16 exhibitors from China.
Zhejiang China International Bicycle Electric-Cycle Exhibition
Country: China
Location: Hangzhou
Frequency:  Annual
Exhibition Area:  17,000 square meters
Number of booths:  900

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