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Thirty Trips Around the Sun

Wheel Giant began operation in 1982 as an agent for professional bicycle magazines and international trade shows. It also compiled special reports on Taiwan's cycle industry for the venerable US magazine American Bicyclist, marking the first time that Taiwan's bicycle industry appeared in the foreign media. Wheel Giant was formally established as a company in 1984. Founder Grace Ruan positioned Wheel Giant as an all-around professional bicycle information source, and for close to thirty years the company has worked alongside and grown together with the Taiwanese bicycle industry. As a result, Wheel Giant thoroughly understands the needs and hopes of the industry and consumers, and has established deep bonds with both.

In line with its attentiveness and professionalism, Wheel Giant has created publications appealing to different readerships in order to stimulate the market, ignite trends, and meet various user needs. Responding to the information demands of the bicycle industry, Wheel Giant introduced Bike Market Update, the world's first Chinese-language bicycle magazine, twenty years ago to provide information on the newest products, the most cuttingedge technologies, and the most up-to-date and detailed market trends. In order to help firms strengthen their brands and marketing channels and expand their sales in Taiwan and China, Wheel Giant took the lead again ten years ago by publishing the consumer bicycle magazine Cycling Update, which has done much to promote bicycle culture and encourage positive trends and demand. To better serve the continuously growing number of outdoor sports enthusiasts, Wheel Giant introduced Outside in January 2012. Outside is the only cross-straits multiple outdoor sports magazine dedicated to encouraging people to experience Nature, expand outdoor living perspectives, and enhance outdoor exploration skills.

Through its broad marketing channels, Wheel Giant publishes professional publications containing industry, consumer, and global content. The company is an advertising agent for a number of international professional magazines, and also holds symposia, publicizes new products and trends, and organizes groups of participants in international trade shows. Wheel Giant's professional services and holistic, diverse publications span the print and digital media. With firm roots in Taiwan and China, and with its encompassing global perspective, Wheel Giant has established a worldwide publishing network, making it a worthy global bicycle market information navigator, industry resource integrator, and market opening pioneer.

As a proud member of the bicycle industry for 30 years, Wheel Giant is motivated by its enthusiastic spirit of service and sense of mission to the industry to constantly remain at the forefront of trends while continually striving to uncover even greater markets and opportunities for the industry. Responding to the Internet revolution and the boom in digital publishing, Wheel Giant embarked on the publication of e-books four years ago, and has since introduced a TBS e-book and App, Cycling Update e-book and App, Bicycling e-book and App, and Outside e-book and App. Wheel Giant's successful integration of print, the Internet, and digital development delivers information and marketing to the world's doorstep.

Looking ahead to the next 30 years, we at Wheel Giant pledge to always benefit the cycle industry to the full extent of our ability, and we hope that our ceaseless efforts will make even greater contributions to the industry.